Saleim’s Story
God Finds a Muslim


Amazing Faith
Do you believe God is a good God?
Numbers 13


Casting Crowns (Part 1)
Is it possible to crown God?
Psalm 139


Casting Crowns (Part 2)
Is it possible that we could have an impact on the world and not even know about it?
Joshua 2


Get Up Every Time You Fall
When you blow it, you repent and get back up!
Acts 20


The First is His
Is God first in your heart?
Exodus 13, Matthew 6:33


How do people know how good God is?
Luke 15


Intimate Love Relationship
Our service and obedience is not what makes us right with God. It is our service and obedience from an overflow of an intimate love relationship that He desires with us; like a father with a child.
Acts 20:24